Bhai Charat Singh


Sardar Charat Singh (1721–1770 or 1733—1774), also romanised as Charhat Singh, was the founder of Sukerchakia Misl and father of Mahan Singh was grandfather of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. He was eldest of the four Sons of Sardar Naudh singh Sandhu. He took to arms while still very young and started taking part in the raids and expeditions led by his father. He also fought in the Sikh’s skirmishes with the Afghan invader Ahmad Shah Durrani. After the death of his father, he broke away from the Faizullapuria Misl and determined to acquire territory for himself. He left his ancestral village of Sukkarchakk and established his headquarters at Gujranwala, where he had gathered a considerable following within a short time. In 1774, he invaded Jammu with Jai Singh of the Kanheya Misl to aid the eldest son of Ranjit Deo, Brij Raj Deo, against his father. The Bhangi Misl joined the side of Ranjit Deo against him. During the preparations for battle a matchlock exploded and killed him. During a battle the next day Jandha Singh, the leader of the Bhangi Misl was killed and both Misls retreated from the fight.