Sardar Jassa Singh Ramgarhia


Jassa Singh Ramgarhia (1723–1803) was a prominent Sikh leader during the period of the Sikh Confederacy. He was the founder of the Ramgarhia Misl.Jassa Singh Ramgarhia was born into a Sikh family in 1723. According to W. H. McLeod, his birthplace was the village of Ichogil, near Lahore, whilst H. S. Singha refers only to Lahore and Purnima Dhavan mentions origins in either Guga or Sur Singh, both near Amritsar. His father was named Bhagwan Singh, who himself was the son of Hardas Singh. There is agreement among the sources that he was of Tarkhan origin and was originally named Jassa Singh Thoka (Jassa Singh the Carpenter). He had four brothers - Jai Singh, Khushal Singh, Mali Singh, and Tara Singh - and became head of the family when his father, Giani Bhagwan Singh,Jassa Singh rose to command the Sikh Misl that became later known as the Ramgarhia Misl and built a fort called Ram Rauni in honor of Guru Ram Das in Amritsar. He began his career as working for Adina Beg, who appointed him a risaldar (commander) and in 1752, rebuilt the damaged fort. The edifice was renamed Ramgarh, from which he took his new name.