Bhai Mehtab Singh ji


Mehtab Singh (d. 1745) was a Sikh warrior and martyr. He was the son of Hara Singh of Mirarikot, a Sikh of the Bhangu clan.Punjab had gone through an era of Sikh persecution under the Mughal governor of Lahore, Zakariya Khan, from 1726 to 1745 A.D.In 1740, the governor of Lahore put Massa Ranghar or Musalul Khan, a Chaudhury of Mandiala, in charge of Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple). Sikhs were not allowed to visit Harmandir Sahib or to take a dip in the holy waters of its tank (sarovar). Massa Ranghar persecuted the Sikhs and looted the shops and homes of Hindus. He watched dancing girls perform, drank alcohol and smoked shisha inside Harmandir Sahib.On August 11, 1740 A.D. they dressed up as landlords from Patti and entered the city of Amritsar. They reached Harmandir Sahib and then tied their horses to the berry tree and went inside Harmandir Sahib carrying the bags. Massa Ranghar was smoking shisha and watching dancing girls. The Sikhs threw the bags under Massa's bed and said that they had come to pay the revenue. Massa bent downwards to have a look at the bags. Mehtab Singh immediately took his sword and slashed it at Massa's neck and instantly severed his head. Sukha Singh finished off the guards of Massa Ranghar. They put Massa's head in a bag and rode their horses back to Talwandi Sabo the same evening. The next day they reached Bikaner and presented Massa Ranghar's head on a spear to the congregation (Dal) of Sikhs.