Bhai Langha


Bhai Langah, a well known figure in early Sikh history, from a Dhillon Jatt family, the family was originally of the Hindu faith, But Bhai Langah's father, became a follower of Sakhi Sarwar, a Mystic Pir. His father took the name Abu-al-Khair and later converted to Islam, Bhai Langah Belonging to the village of Jhabal Kalan, in the present Amritsar district of the Punjab, he was one of the three chaudharis or revenue officials of the parganah of Patti who, between them, were responsible for collecting, on behalf of the Governor of Lahore, a revenue of Rs 900,000 from villages under their jurisdiction. Langah alone had 84 villages under him. It is said that once Langah was afflicted with a serious illness. Neither medicine nor prayer to the patron saint of his seel, Sakhi Sarwar, proved of any avail. He met a Sikh who counselled him to pray to God Almighty and to Guru Nanak. Langah soon recovered and chose to become a Sikh, he along with his younger brother Pero Shah became Sikhs, during the 1580s, the time When Guru Arjan Dev Ji (1563-1606), had just become the Guru, House of Guru Nanak had saved them. He lovingly contributed the labour of his hands as well as money for the excavation of the Amritsar (sacred pool, lit. pool of nectar) and the construction of the Harimandar Sahib at Amritsar.