Bhagat Sadhana ji


Sadhna Bhagat was born in 1180 AD in Sehwan Sharif in Hyderabad, Sindh province in a Muslim family. As his ancestors were butchers by profession, he continued the family profession of slaughtering goats (Dhabihah) and selling meat. It is said that there were shady trees and drinking water facility available near his shop. Due to this, in addition to customers, travelers, saints and even rogues used to take rest on passing. Sadhna was very interested in spirituality from his adolescence and as a result, he used to have spiritual discussions with such saints who stopped near his shop. Sadhna Bhagat also called Sadhna Qasai, was a North Indian Muslim poet, Saint Mystic and one of the devotees whose hymn was incorporated in Sri Adi Granth Sahib. Venerated in region of Punjab, among Sikhs, his devotional hymn and intellection within is widely quoted by most of preachers. Being butcher by profession, he was always annoyed by Religious Scholars, who keep such thought that a butcher could not attain spiritual enlightment. His one hymn is present in Adi Granth Sahib, in Raga Bilaval in which he explained that believing in Karmic thought comes to an end after attaining spiritual wisdom (Gurmat) in addition to it he explained to remove an inflated feeling of pride within ourselves to know the Supreme. Sadhna travelling from Sindh reached Panjab during his last days of his life and preached around. At Sirhind, he breathed his last where a historic Mosque was built in his memory and preseved by Punjab Government. His followers are called Sadhna Panthis.