Baba Atal Rai


Baba Atal Rai (1619 - 23 July, 1627) was born in 1619 AD at Amritsar to Guru Hargobind sahib, the sixth Sikh Guru and Mata Mahadevi, daughter of Bhai Daya Ram Marwah of Mandeala. From early age he was intelligent, lively and a deeply religious boy. He was called 'Baba' (wise old man) because he carried a wise head over his young shoulders. According to Sikh legend narrated in the Gurbilas Chhevin Patshahi, Atal Rai revived a friend named Mohan who was bitten by a snake and subsequently died as a result of the injury. Upon hearing the news of the event, his father was displeased as miracles are rebuked by the Sikh gurus. After being admonished by his father for the miracle, Atal Rai retired himself to the bank of Kaulsar and left this mortal coil on 13 September 1628.